Yitzhar Resident Jailed for Spying as Wife is Expecting

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court extended by five days on Tuesday the remand of Yitzhar resident Akiva Hacohen.

Hacohen is one of several men who were given restraining orders by police last August and were forced to leave their homes. Since being deported he, his wife and their four children have been residing in an apartment in Jerusalem’s French Hill neighborhood.

He is now being accused by police of espionage, because he warned Jews residing in communities in Judea and Samaria of impending demolitions of homes.

Hacohen’s wife, Ayelet Hashachar Hacohen, criticized the police and the State of Israel on Tuesday for harassing her family.

“We have been unable to enter Judea and Samaria for four months, and now they are blaming my husband and his friends of being spies and of giving information to the enemy,” she told Arutz Sheva....

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