They murder and so we build

One year ago, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu wanted to hear the world, or at least the allegedly civilized Western world, condemn in emphatic words of sincere condemnation the barbaric slaughter of a Jewish family – the Fogels – a vile crime perpetrated by Arabs calling themselves Palestinians.

But the Prime Minister needn’t have bothered because the world, apart from a few individuals, ignored the crime – as Caroline Glick suggested in her article, Our World: Three Jewish Children.

Most of the world only wants one thing, and that is that the Jews first leave Judea and Samaria (which the nations insist on calling by its Arab name, the West Bank), then the Golan Heights, Jerusalem, and finally what’s left of the rest of Israel. Only then, this morally compromised world believes, will there be nirvana, peace in our time, and a new golden age of harmony and brotherly love: Yes, and cows have wings!

No. The world, especially Europe, is proceeding at an ever rapid pace towards appeasement of triumphant Islam and a groveling acceptance of Sharia law.

Unless very soon, very, very soon, the non-Muslim world comes to its senses and physically removes the Muslim threat, they will become dhimmis in their own lands and will have no one to blame but themselves – and the Israel-Palestinian conflict will have had absolutely nothing to do with it: So much for “peace in our time.” Instead a 7th century pestilence will arrive....

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