The West Betrays the Kurds

  • The Western media have ignored the fate of the Kurds, the people who defeated ISIS for us.

  • UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson tweeted, "Turkey is right to want to keep its borders secure". The West gave the Turks a green light to massacre the Kurds.

  • The Kurds today, like the Czechs in 1938, were sacrificed in vain. The West has betrayed the Kurds three times in the last three years. They were our ideal allies. They opened their cities, such as Erbil, to tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians expelled by ISIS from Mosul. Iraqi Kurdistan is today the only place in the Middle East, along with the State of Israel, that harbors and protects all religions and minorities.

  • A new "Munich Syndrome" is now looming over the West. The Kurds, if they did not deserve a state, were at least worthy of our protection, especially after helping us to stop those who slit our throats on the boulevards of Paris.

The Kurds have a proverb: "We have no friends but the mountains". In Afrin, however, even the mountains could not protect them from the Turkish warplanes and the Islamist militias allied with Ankara. Although the videos of terrifying executions are certainly not new in the tragic war of Syria, in this instance the video was shot by a terror group operating under the command of a NATO country, Turkey.

The video shows members of Syrian militias abusing the corpse of Amina Omar, a female Kurdish fighter who was also known as "Barin Kobani". She was killed defending Afrin, a city-canton in Syria attacked by the Turkish army of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In the video, Omar, who belonged to the female unit of Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), is called "female pig" and a soldier steps on her breast. The desecration of her corpse ended up symbolizing not only the ferocity of the Kurds' enemies, but also the sense of a huge, unbearable moral and political betrayal suffered by the Kurds at the hands of their Western allies.

"Shame: the West is turning a blind eye to the fate of the Kurds" wrote Ivan Rioufol in France's Le Figaro. "They fought alongside us in the war against ISIS. Erdogan labels as 'terrorist' this small people arming women, who have their hair in the wind and leave religion in the private sphere".

The Western media have ignored the fate of the Kurds, the people who defeated ISIS for us.

"My sister, Barin, had fought alongside the coalition in Raqqa against the Islamic State and in many other places too", Omar's brother told The Times from the city of Kobane. "How can there be justice or trust between allies when the coalition put their own benefit above morality and allowed Turkey to attack us, and with Nato weapons?"

Pictured: Women fighters of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) near the town of Kobane, Syria, on June 20, 2015. (Photo by Ahmet Sik/Getty Images)

There has been a "deafening silence" from most Western leaders about the Kurds suffering an illegal Turkish invasion, said Sandeep Gopalan, a law professor at Deakin University in Melbourne. The European chancelleries all abandoned the Kurds to their fate....

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