The Obama Visit and American Jewry

Israelis will enthusiastically welcome President Obama in the course of his first visit to the Jewish state since being elected president. But they will also be apprehensively following his statements and hoping that his meetings will solidify the US-Israeli relationship.

He is arriving at a time when the political influence of American Jewry, the most affluent and powerful Diaspora community in our history, is in decline. This is starkly exemplified by its failure to influence successive Administrations to commute the sentence of Jonathan Pollard whose unprecedented inhumane treatment is now even raising ugly allegations of discriminatory prejudice.

This erosion of Jewish political influence stems from the combined impact of burgeoning global hostility against Israel, the increasing isolationism of the Obama administration, and the emergence from the closet of highly vocal Jewish minority groups aggressively campaigning to pressure the Israeli government.

Today the Jewish establishment accepts within its own ranks Jews who shamelessly canvass the US administration to pressure the democratically elected government of Israel to adopt policies that it considers would undermine its security and in the long term even threaten its existence....

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