The Legal Forum Acting to Prevent Transfer of Funds to Gaza

In the wake of the past week’s constant rocket attacks from Gaza on residents of the south of Israel, Nachi Eyal, Director General of the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel, has demanded that Israel stop the transfer of funds to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Gaza.

It was announced this week that the Ministry of Finance will provide government guarantees of 3 billion NIS to the Electric Company in order to avoid a financial crisis. Yet according to data released last month, the PA owes the State of Israel 700 million NIS for unpaid electric bills, despite the fact that the State of Israel transfers 400-500 million NIS to the PA every month for customs and VAT duties it collects on their behalf.

The Legal Forum notes that the deep financial crisis the Electric Company is currently experiencing results from frequent changes in the market for fuel and natural gas, and that the residents of the State of Israel should not have to bear the burden of funding the PA residents’ electricity as well as their own....

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