Terrorists in West Bank declare start of third Intifada

Palestinian terrorist group comprising of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and PLO members in Hebron posts a video declaring the beginning of the third Intifada, threatening to kidnap IDF soldiers.

(Photo credit: Reuters)

Tensions continued to run high in the West Bank over the weekend as more than 10,000 Palestinians rallied in Hebron to celebrate Hamas' 25th anniversary. Additional protests were held in Nabi Salih, Bil'in, Qalandia and Beitunia.

The commander of the Israel Defense Forces' Judea and Samaria Division, Maj. Gen. Hagai Mordechai, arrived on scene for the Hebron protest.

Last week, a clash between an IDF patrol and a stone throwing mob in the West Bank ended in the soldiers' retreat and video footage of the event was circulated rapidly throughout Palestinian social media outlets....

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