Syrian rebels seize UN peacekeepers

(Photo: YouTube Screenshot)

BEIRUT - Syrian rebels say they have seized a convoy of United Nations observers near the Golan Heights, according to videos posted on YouTube on Wednesday by a violence monitoring group.

A young man saying he was from the "Martyrs of Yarmouk" brigade said the convoy would not be released until forces loyal to President Bashar Assad withdrew from the village of Jamla, a mile east of the ceasefire line with the Israeli Golan.

Surrounded by several rebel fighters with assault rifles, the man stood in front of a two white armored vehicles and a truck with "UN" written on them. At least five people seen sitting in the vehicles were wearing United Nations light blue helmets and bullet-proof vests.

"The command of the Martyrs of Yarmouk announced that it is holding forces of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force until the withdrawal of forces of the regime of (President) Bashar Assad from the outskirts of the village of Jamla," said the man, wearing civilian clothes. [Is the Muslim Brotherhood pushing for a new regime in Syria similiar to the current government in Egypt?]...

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