Strong Allies: The U.S. & Israel |

These threats range from terrorism, the spread of radical Islamist ideology and nuclear and missile proliferation to narcotics, counterfeiting and cyberwarfare. Israel is a reliable democratic ally that shares America’s values and worldview in a region often dominated by radical forces, dictatorial regimes and extremist non-state actors.

With no other country in the region—and few in the entire world—does the United States share the same high level of strategic cooperation. American-Israeli cooperation begins with frequent high-level strategic dialogues among senior political and military leaders and extends to combined military planning and exercises, intelligence-sharing and technological development. The expanding network of American and Israeli military and intelligence coordination has provided a powerful deterrent to those in the Middle East who seek to harm either country. The historic alliance between the United States and Israel is the most stabilizing feature in an otherwise unstable region of the world.

Israel’s presence in the region provides a de facto cost-effective guarantor of security well beyond its borders. Furthermore, Israel’s military strength and central geo-strategic location provide a strong deterrent against Iran and other radical forces that threaten America, its allies and regional and global U.S. objectives.

President Obama has voiced a similar view on the importance of this relationship: “Many of the same forces that threaten Israel also threaten the United States and our efforts to secure peace and stability in the Middle East. Our alliance with Israel serves our national security interests.”