Signed in ice; not carved in stone

The Middle East is burning. The faade of the Arab Spring has long since fallen away, and it has become apparent that this is simply another round of the type of turmoil that has long defined the region.

"We have not experienced an Arab Spring or a March to Democracy or a Facebook Revolution,” former Israeli Ambassador Yoram Ettinger told Israel Today. "What we have experienced is typical, endemic intra-Arab violence in our region.”

Alan Baker, a former Israeli diplomat who worked on the peace treaties with Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinians, concurred: "I laugh when I hear 'Arab Spring' because I think it's wishful thinking on the part of the Europeans. There's no such thing as an Arab Spring. It's a tragic Arab Winter.”

Ettinger says Western leaders need to learn the lessons from current events: "The riots in Tunisia and in Egypt, the ongoing tribal war in Libya, and the civil war in Syria all shed light on the reality of the Middle East, which for the past 1,400 years has consisted of unpredictability, violent intolerance, instability, unreliability and fragmentation.”...

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