‘Set in Place and Hopeful’

The 33rd government has been announced by Prime Minister Netanyahu in its final permutation. The list of ministers (22 in number) and deputies is provided at the end of this posting. You may want to save it.

After the balagan of establishing the coalition, with all of its extraordinary tensions and game-playing, I am finding that there truly are enough good people in the government so that there is some reason to be hopeful.

A handful of changes from the prior list I had shared, which was still tentative, are worthy of note here:

Yuval Steinitz (Likud), former Finance Minister, will be holding the position of Minister for International, Intelligence and Strategic Affairs -- an important position that includes handling strategic dialogue with the United States.
Credit: Reuters

I had assumed -- incorrectly -- that the responsibilities of the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, which had been headed by Moshe Ya'alon, would be subsumed under his new Defense Ministry position. As it turns out, it has been decided that strategic affairs, along with intelligence, will fall within Steinitz's new bailiwick. This new ministry was actually created for him.

Steinitz, who previously served as a chair of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, will also sit on the committee overseeing negotiations, such as they may be, with the Palestinian Arabs....

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