Senior Egyptian Politician Rejects Peace between Egypt, Israel

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Politician and a nephew of Egypt's former President Anvar Sadat said there is no peace agreement between Cairo and Tel Aviv, saying that Egypt's future government should not recognize the so-called Camp David Peace Accord as it is not in the interest of the Egyptian nation.

"There is no peace agreement between Egypt and Israel and in the future we will talk to any political entity in the world with the logic of right or the logic of force (if the other side does not accept the logic of right) in a way that our relations serve the interests of the Egyptian nation more than anything else, as we are not fearful of any country after the glorious revolution of Egypt," Mohammad Anvar Esmat Saddat told FNA on Wednesday.

"Yet, at present there is no room to talk about Israel, because this regime, along with the US, does not want Egypt to experience stability and security," he added....

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