Sanctions Won’t Stop Iran’s Nuclear Bomb Program

...Iran is under four sets of U.N. sanctions for its illicit nuclear activities. Security Council Resolution 1737, passed on December 2006, banned the supply of nuclear-related materials and technology and froze the assets of key individuals and companies related to the program. Because Iranian leaders refused to halt their uranium enrichment program, another set of U.N. sanctions, in March 2007, imposed an arms embargo and expanded the freeze on Iranian assets.

The Iranian leaders called the U.N. resolutions worthless pieces of paper and continued with their nuclear ambitions, which caused the Bush administration to push for yet another set of sanctions, passed in March 2008. These extended the asset freezes and called upon member-nations to monitor the activities of Iranian banks, inspect Iranian ships and aircraft, and monitor the movement of individuals involved with the program through their territories.

When President Obama took office in 2009, he immediately changed the U.S. approach toward Iran, believing that the mullahs would change behavior only if a kinder, gentler approach were implemented. His appeasement of the mullahs started when he sent his video message on the occasion of the Iranian New Year in 2009, stating his desire for friendship with the Iranian leaders. That was followed by a letter to the Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in which he reiterated his desire for better relations between the two countries....

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