Repairs begin on Gaza’s smuggling tunnels

Resembling a lunar landscape, the Rafah smuggling tunnels took the full force of Israel's eight-day offensive against the Gaza Strip.

Dug through the sandy soil, the tunnels serve as a vital crossroads for goods of all varieties entering the strip. After eight days of near continuous bombardment by Israeli forces most of the tunnels are severely damaged or completely destroyed.

For the workers of these underground trade routes, the damage is a set back but the tunnels will be rebuilt.

"As you can see there is complete destruction, the tunnels are all destroyed because of the missiles. We will rebuild them and bring in food, flour lentils and sugar and building material such as cement and metal so that the people can break the siege on Gaza," said Mohamad Omar on Friday (November 23), while his friends cleared up their camp.

Israel accuses the armed militant groups, based in Gaza, of smuggling weapons through the tunnels, weapons that eventually end up being fired at Israel. The Israeli military says it destroyed 140 of them in its air campaign....

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