PC Daily: Tuesday Puzzle Answers

1. System breaches doors of terrorist safe houses: SIMON
4. Long-range missile defense system: Arrow
7. Natural Gas discoveries will help decrease dependency on___: Oil
9. Converts sea water to fresh water: Desalination
11. Areas protected by Israeli designed UAVs: Borders
12. Field discovered offshore Israel by U.S. company Noble Energy: Natural Gas
15. Israeli blood loss fighter, Emergency___: Bandage
16. Automobile accident avoider: Mobileye
17. Converts images into sound: EyeMusic
19. Vehicles serviced by battery-switch stations: Electric
20. Beth-El Industries bomb shelter filtration system: CBRN
21. Interceptor deployed by Iron Dome: Tamir
23. Agreement signed by U.S. and Israel in 1985: Free Trade
25. Military base motion detector system: SPIDER
26. System that protected Israel from Iraqi scud missiles: Patriot
27. Defends against short and medium range missiles: David's Sling
32. Nutrient needed for 20/20 vision: Protein
34. Alternative energy generated by California's Mojave Desert power station: Solar
37. U.S. military branch participating in twice yearly desert warfare training with IDF: Marines
38. Innovation that enables virtually painless adult-male circumcision: PrePex
2. Florida port city that uses Israeli video monitoring equipment: Miami
3. Frictionless floating: Quantum Levitation
5. Serves thirsty U.S. soldiers: WaterGen
6. Portable device that detects concealed explosives under clothing: CORAL
8. U.S. funded rocket defense system: Iron Dome
10. Baseball-sized urban warfare risk assessor: Eye Ball
13. Identifies targets from high altitudes: Litening Pod
14. Freezes breast cancer tumors: IceCure
18. Cancer cell destroyer: ImMucin
20. The U.S. and Israel are working together to reduce the threat of ___attacks on computer networks: Cyber
21. Protective covering on armored vehicles that suppresses incoming fire: Tiles
22. Conducts joint bio-terrorism drills with Israeli National Emergency Authority: FEMA
24. American agency uses Israeli expertise to increase aviation security: TSA
28. Warren Buffet's first foreign acquisition, an Israeli maker of precision blades and drills: Iscar
29. $30 million lunar prize competition: Google X
30. Alternative to needles, for diabetics: ViaDerm
31. Robotic suit which enables paralyzed to walk: ReWalk
33. Bought Israeli flash memory storage company in 2011: Apple
35. U.S. supported Israel joining this economic body: OECD
36. Promotes R&D between U.S. and Israeli companies: BIRD

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