PC Daily: Monday Puzzle Answers

2. Wants to establish an Islamic Palestinian state in place of Israel: Hamas
6. Location of Operation Entebbe: Uganda
7. International agency monitoring Iran’s nuclear developments: IAEA
8. President of Egypt: Morsi
9. Israeli prime minister who once served as ambassador to the U.N.: Netanyahu
11. 2006 capture of IDF soldiers on Israeli border with: Lebanon
14. Nepal opened an ____in Tel Aviv in 2007: Embassy
16. Site of 2012 bus bombing of Israeli tourists: Bulgaria
19. Arab Spring led to his resignation and jailing after 30 years in power: Mubarak
21. Iran’s president: Ahmadinejad
23. Succeeded Clinton as U.S. secretary of state: Kerry
24. Israel is its 59th member: United Nations
25. Hamas-backer: Iran
27. Ended 400 years of Ottoman rule: Great Britain
30. Egyptian president who visited Jerusalem in 1977: Sadat
33. Length of 1967 war: Six Days
34. Golda Meir was Israel’s first ambassador to this communist super power: Soviet Union
35. Israel withdrew from this territory in 2005: Gaza
36. Agreement between Kenya, Israel and Germany to increase this fish population: Tilapia
1. Strained relations with Israel following flotilla incident: Turkey
2. Israel provided emergency assistance after major 2010 earthquake in: Haiti
3. One of two Arab League countries with full diplomatic relations with Israel: Jordan
4. 40,000 Jews airlifted in 1949 from: Yemen
5. Imposed by United Nations: Sanctions
10. European Union has not yet recognized this group as a terrorist organization: Hezbollah
12. 90% of this tulip-loving country’s green houses are protected by Israeli-made sprinklers: Netherlands
13. Area in Northern Israel captured in the Six Day War: Golan Heights
15. System produces honey in Irbil, Jordan
17. Israel Air force destroyed a ____ reactor in Iraq: Nuclear
18. Israel’s Agency for International Development cooperation: MASHAV
20. Houses largest stockpile of chemical and biological weapons in Middle East: Syria
22. IDE Technologies is building China’s largest ____ plant: Desalination
26. Type of irrigation system: Drip
28. Signed Camp David Accords with Israel: Egypt
29. South American country that severed relations with Israel in 2009: Bolivia
30. Gave $5 million to aid this African country’s refugees in 2007: Sudan
31. President of Syria: Assad
32. Land yielded to Egypt: Sinai

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