Palestinian Media Watch: US Tax Dollars Pay Terrorist Who Threatens Jews, Christians

Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch tells Newsmax that American tax dollars are paying the salary of a terrorist who “just called for the killing of Jews in the name of Islam.”

Marcus, the media watchdog’s founder and director, was referring to a video in which Muhammad Ahmad Hussein, the Palestinian Authority’s grand mufti of Jerusalem, “quoted a hadith that said ‘the resurrection won’t happen until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them.’ And this, of course, is hate speech.”

Those who promote such hatred often say one thing in Western languages when speaking to the West but say things entirely different in their own language when speaking to their followers, Marcus said. Translations reveal the true vitriol.

Asked how the United States should respond, Marcus replied, “The United States is funding the Palestinian Authority,” so it should insist that it “‘take that man off your payroll and come out with a statement rejecting that.’ If he can make a statement calling for Muslims to kill Jews in the name of Islam and there will be no response from the international community, it’s giving a message to all Palestinians that the world is accepting that as a valid ideology.”...

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