Op-Ed: Same Old Anti-Semitic French

...They all despise "the monster", Mohammed Merah, who allegedly killed Rav Sandler and three Jewish children in Toulouse.

But France’s anti-Jewish soul played a substantial role in the creation of this hateful monster which turned off the life of four Israelis. Those familiar with Paris’ hostile attitude to Israel and the Jewish people in times of crisis are not surprised at what happened in Toulouse.

The Muslim killer didn’t come from nowhere, but from the dark continent, which is not Africa, but Europe.

Darkness suggests illiteracy, disease and poverty. None of these conditions exists in Europe.

Visitors to Paris see armed police and security squads on guard everywhere, restaurants crowded of tourists, arts and letters funded by the government.

Darkness in Europe relates to the soul, to unwarranted pride, horrible arrogance and a deep anti-Jewish fury....

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