Op-Ed: Hizbullah and the Syrian Civil War

The reported presence of thousands of Hizbullah fighters and tens of thousands of Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria to protect President Assad and his regime means that Iran has made a strategic commitment not to lose Syria.

That means that Syria will not follow the example of Libya.

Backed by Iran and Russia, Hizbullah will not allow Assad to be deposed, hunted down and assassinated, nor will they allow a potential massacre of Alawites and supporters of Assad. This emphasizes the importance of Hizbullah in Syria and the role it will likely play in any future settlement and government.

There will be no NATO/US military action in Syria, as there was in Libya. But, as the US and Europeans support the Syrian rebels diplomatically and supply them with arms, Hizbullah’s presence in Syria is a game changer that should prompt policy rethinking....

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