Obama’s Win is Israel’s Loss

The re-election of Barack Hussein Obama was a narrow but sharply disappointing victory for increasing economic statism and ideological social leftism at home. It was also a worrying and consequential decision for America’s allies around the world.

Mr. Obama, self-proclaimed “citizen of the world”, has repeatedly failed the human rights agenda by ignoring dissidents in Iran and China, and victims in Syria, and by waiving sanctions on nations that use child soldiers.

He blew off the plea of a young woman in India seeking U.S. moral support for Hindus concerned about Islamic Jihad, and has not championed persecuted Christians, nor women within Araby suffering honor killings, female genital mutilation, or shaming and humiliation from Islamists.

Mr. Obama has been on the wrong side of international disputes involving the British, Hondurans, Poles, Czechs, and other U.S. allies, and has promised increased flexibility in favor of tough Russian arms control demands and rough regional behavior....

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