Obama to get first-hand look at Start-Up Nation’s innovations

US President Barack Obama, arriving in Israel on Wednesday, will be the guest of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a rapid-fire presentation at the Israel Museum showcasing some of Israel’s best technology.

Israel, Netanyahu will tell Obama, has made unique contributions in the fields of medicine, agriculture, road safety, robotics, and more — and will prove it by showing him some of the world-changing innovations developed here.

The ReWalk, Robotic snake, Robo-waiter, MinDesktop, Mobileye, and an electric car equipped with a Phinergy battery - seven of Israel’s most important contributions chosen by a committee of government and technology leaders — will be presented to Obama in the context of the museum’s “Israeli Technology for a Better World” exhibit. After touring the exhibit, Obama will be introduced to the tech leaders of tomorrow in the form of three young Israelis who won a robotics contest last year with their Robowaiter, a special robot “butler” designed to help the disabled...

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