No More Disengaging

"Attempts to ... evict ... encountered the determination — and sweetness — of Yeshayahu Lichtenstein and Yehezkel Birzon ... 'I won't let them evict me,' said Lichtenstein ... 'This is a historic place.'"

These immortal words were quoted in a column printed in Haaretz. Readers of the newspaper had not seen such Zionistic phrasing in decades, and on the eve of the High Court's decision on the eviction of Migron's residents, who claim to have purchased their homes in full.

How did such a provocative piece make it into a newspaper that vilifies the education minister for being too Jewish and promoting an excessively nationalist agenda? Well, in actuality the article on the steadfast settlement refers to nothing other than Tel Aviv's Montana ice cream shop, whose owners managed to evade eviction. As for the real settlers, who hold on to

the land of our fathers in Migron and thus ensure Israel's safety — they won't be getting their own ridiculous apotheosis as these ice cream vendors got any time soon. Rather, the settlers will receive their legal helping of condemnation....

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