Leon Panetta: Obama’s attack dog

Leon Panetta has turned into President Obama's attack dog when it comes to Israel. Nothing could be stranger than having the defense secretary of the United States of America pressuring Israel on almost every front – beseeching Israel at every opportunity not to attack Iran, blaming Israel (again) for stalled peace talks with the Palestinians and even going so far as to say that a U.S. attack on Iran might not even be successful, and anyway, it would only delay their nuclear program for a couple of years. Who allows him to get away with such drivel?

As Elliott Abrams writes: "How can it be the role of the Secretary of Defense to undermine the declared policy toward Iran? One wonders if the White House cleared this speech. If not, one hopes there will be hell to pay. If there is not, or if it was indeed cleared, we are learning something anew: that the declared policy that 'all options are on the table' is simply not credible. Not here, not in Jerusalem, not in Gulf capitals, and alas not in Tehran."

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