It is time Israel declared her borders

Recent violations of Israel’s border by an Iranian drone and mass protests by Hamas supporters in Gaza highlight a broader problem:? Israel has never actually declared her borders.? While the 1948 armistice line and 1967 cease fire lines became temporary de facto borders Israel never declared either as her official border, nor did any country recognize them as such. Her failure to do has left a vacuum, that Israel’s enemies have repeatedly exploited to undermine her legitimacy, for a country without borders is not a country.

Israel has avoided declaring her borders because she feared this would preclude peace negotiations.? Israel assumed her Palestinian enemies would gradually abandon their maximalist demands as they got to know and trust her via small steps towards peace.? In fact, just the opposite occurred.? Palestinian expectations were continually raised by Israel’s failure to insist on reciprocity; in fact, she did not even insist that they honor previous agreements.? Today there is no peace process, so Israel has nothing to lose by declaring her borders.?? Far from precluding peace, Israel’s declaration of her borders is its only logical starting point.

The Palestinians have never been?shy about declaring their aims or claiming what they believe to be rightfully theirs.? It is past time that Israel did the same.? Were she to do so, her citizens would feel an increased sense of security in finally knowing where their country begins and where it ends.? Israeli soldiers would at least know what border they are to risk their lives defending.

Even Israel’s enemies would know where she stands, and what border they are not supposed to violate.? Israel cannot credibly accuse Iran, Hamas, or Hezbollah of violating Israeli sovereignty when she has never actually declared the territory over which she considers herself sovereign....

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