Israel is the Common Enemy

The ‘common enemy’ is still Israel. Contrary to what many Israeli analysts have been saying in the aftermath of Sunday’s terrorist attack in the Sinai, the event does not illustrate that Egypt and Israel now have a common enemy on which to focus renewed cooperation.

Though it is true that the dozens of jihadists — disguised as Bedouin — descended upon the Kerem Shalom checkpoint and slaughtered 16 Egyptian policemen with rifles, grenades and knives, they did so to infiltrate Israel. Once they had removed the obstacle to this aim, they packed up a truck and a tank with explosives that had been smuggled through tunnels leading from the Gaza Strip to Sinai, and headed toward their Jewish target.

It was through Israeli intelligence-gathering — and by the grace of God — that a mega-massacre inside Israel was thwarted. Indeed, Israeli security services had been on high alert, as was indicated by their repeated warnings to vacationers to stay away from or evacuate Sinai.

Did Israel’s swift and precise targeting of the terrorists elicit even a moment’s gratitude, solidarity, or desire for warmer relations from its neighbors to the south?

Not on your life....

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