Israel and the Syrian Revolution

Amid all the talk of Egypt’s revolution going down the path of Sharia and the escalating threat of a nuclear-armed Iran, it has been easy to forget about the unique threats posed to the Jewish state by the ongoing Syrian uprising. But the truth is that, at present, the threats emanating from Syria are both more immediate and potentially more severe than those presented by Egypt and Iran.

Syrian dictator Bashar Assad seems to be on his last leg, with growing numbers of his own soldiers siding with the revolutionaries. Assad, like his father before him, ruled Syria with an iron fist despite being a member of the tiny Alawite minority. He was able to do this by painting Israel as such a menacing and evil foe that standing opposite the Jewish state required Syrian unity under the Assad banner. What better way for such a leader to go out than with a final, devastating missile strike against the hated Zionist enemy?

Believe it or not, that may be the lesser of the twin threats produced by the Syrian revolution. A last ditch attack on Israel would be a contained, one-time event, and would almost certainly result in the international community siding with Israel, at least momentarily. The greater concern is what happens to Assad’s stockpiles of non-conventional weapons once he is gone?...

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