Into the Fray: The honorable thing to do

...Recipe for calamity

For wherever the policy of political appeasement and territorial withdrawal has been implemented, it has resulted in unequivocal fiasco – sometimes almost immediately as in Gaza, sometimes after a few years as with the second intifada, and sometimes after a few decades as in Sinai.

This record of failure leaves Baskin unmoved. He still apparently cannot fathom why this has diminished the Israeli public’s appetite for, and belief in, the twostate principle, with regard to both its feasibility and its desirability.

Throughout Baskin’s column there is not a hint – never mind explicit mention – referring to:
• The indiscriminate Palestinian shelling of Israeli civilian population centers from Gaza after the evacuation of the entire area;
• The frenzied desecration and destruction of the synagogues left standing after that evacuation;
• The Judeophobic incitement in the official Palestinian media and school curricula, almost indistinguishable in its venom from the Nazi Der Strmer;
• The Judeocidal declarations of intent calling for the destruction of Israel as the nation state of the Jews, in the founding documents of all the major Palestinian organizations – whether in the Hamas Charter, the Fatah Constitution or the PLO’s Palestinian National Charter still posted on the website of the Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations;
• The bloody wave of Palestinian violence unleashed in response to Ehud Barak’s unprecedented offers of territorial concessions in 2000;
• The Palestinian rejection of Ehud Olmert’s even more radical offers in 2008....

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