IDF Back to Gaza? No Israel-Hamas ‘Cycle of Violence’

International law is not a suicide pact. Relentless Hamas rocket attacks upon Israel from Gazaleave Prime Minister Netanyahu little choice but to respond.

This is not, however, a symmetrical "cycle of violence." Rather, it is a classic case of criminality and anti-criminality, of terrorism and counter-terrorism.

Ritually, Hamas alleges that it is merely "resisting occupation." But where, exactly, are the Israeli "occupiers?" In fact, they are long gone, a risky departure mandated years ago by then Prime Minister Sharon's "disengagement." Ironically, but also predictably, Israel's "reward" for leaving Gaza in the presumed interest of regional peace has been a steady escalation of Palestinian violence, directed against vulnerable Israeli civilians.

There is no cycle of violence in the remorseless Palestinian war against Israeli noncombatants. Insistently, Hamas argues that its flagrantly intentional killings of noncombatants are in proper “retaliation” for Israel's “occupation.” Even now, as Israel must prepare to mount yet another unavoidable offensive, Hamas (the Islamic Resistance Movement) steadfastly refuses to renounce “armed struggle.”...

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