How We Work |

More than 100,000 citizens from across the country work with their elected officials and AIPAC staff to strengthen the bonds between the United States and the Jewish state.

AIPAC is not a political action committee (PAC) and we do not rate or endorse candidates for elected or appointed office. AIPAC members in all 50 states are encouraged to be politically active and develop relationships with their members of Congress to help educate them about the importance of U.S.-Israel ties.

Beyond building support in Washington, AIPAC engages pro-Israel activists across the country through a vibrant network of 10 regional offices and seven satellite offices. Pro-Israel activists from Missoula to Miami work hand-in-hand with AIPAC staff to improve the future and security of the United States and Israel.

A strong U.S.-Israel relationship is a cause that concerns a broad spectrum of Americans. As such, AIPAC professionals work with a wide range of communities to promote pro-Israel political activism nation-wide.

AIPAC is also working to foster the next generation of American pro-Israel leaders, by working on hundreds of college and high school campuses, empowering and educating student activists to answer Israel's detractors and use political involvement to build support for Israel.