Get Used to It: Israel Is Here to Stay

Some time back, a friend of mine was urging diaspora Jews to visit Israel a.s.a.p. for, according to her, the future for the Jewish state was foreclosing fast. In five more years, she feared, Israel would no longer be here. More than five years have passed since that dire prophecy and Israel is not only still among the living but is experiencing a surge of technological and entrepreneurial prosperity that few other countries in the West can lay claim to.

More recently, Henry Kissinger, whose putative wisdom can scarcely be differentiated from advancing senility, opined that “In ten years, there will be no more Israel.” It is far more likely that in ten years, there may be no more Henry Kissinger.

This is not to suggest that Israel does not have powerful and dedicated enemies. Practically every Muslim state or entity on the planet harbors a deep, ineradicable desire for Israel’s destruction—with the exception of those whose survival, despite their revanchist rhetoric, depends on Israeli vigilance, such as Jordan and the Palestinian Authority. It is no secret that Iran is racing toward its own version of the “final solution” as it spins both the centrifuges and the narrative that nuclear enrichment is intended for peaceful purposes. It is also no secret that President Barack Obama wishes to see Israel reduced to its indefensible pre-1967 borders—which diplomat Abba Eban correctly dubbed the “Auschwitz borders”—in which case Israel might realistically cease to exist in less than five years....

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