Gaza Israel War-A War Against The United States

The mass delusion about the war between Gaza and Israel is propagated by the media who are biased in favor of the Palestinians. We can watch and listen with disgust as the emphasis in reporting equates Israel’s response with the hundreds of rockets fired indiscriminately into civilian areas by Hamas. The emphasis on babies, children and pregnant women being killed by Israeli air strikes without mention of the rockets that have been terrorizing one million Israeli citizens in their homes and school, and have killed or wounded innocent civilians is unconscionable and unbalanced.

Consider that the rockets are being fired without concern that they land on military targets but could fall on civilians. Consider the difference in Israel’s attempt to protect as much as possible the loss of civilian lives by making phone calls to civilians warning them to leave areas which are going to be bombed. Consider the fact that Hamas places there armaments and rockets in homes in residential areas. What kind of morality is that, and could it ever be justified?

There is a veil of distraction that covers the real causes of the war, and someone has to stand up and state the truth. This looks like a war between Israel and Gaza. But in fact it is another proxy war between Iran and the United States using the Arab-Israel conflict as a subterfuge for admitting that Iran is essentially testing the will of the United States.

The same parallel theme runs through the Syrian revolution now going on, only this war was started as a war between Shia and Sunni, but again involves the West including the United States in a second proxy war. The slaughter goes on and the chaos continues. The United States is slowly being drawn into this conflict, and will eventually be forced to join with other Western and Arab countries to defeat Assad, and in turn by proxy deal a powerful blow to Iran. Iran desperately needs Assad to further their strategy.

Few have recognized that the knife of Iran is being implanted into any and every conflict that will enable them to expand their presence and power. Their zeal is to control the petrol of the middle-east, take over countries and their populations where they can expand their base of control and support for their goals. Their fundamental drive and plans are not dissimilar to what Hitler in Nazi Germany had with their plans to conquer the world, and which was initiated in World War II. There is a direct parallel to Khomeini, Ahmadinejad, and the group of Iranian Mullahs who will not stop in their attempt to subvert, and indeed conquer large areas of the Middle-east, and then move on to Europe feeding on their success....

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