Fundamentally Freund: Historic election is upon us

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu calls early elec(Photo: Marc Israel Sellem)Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s announcement Tuesday night that new elections will be held early next year set off a predictable flurry of political activity. With the balloting set to be held in just three or four months, Knesset hopefuls face the daunting prospect of trying to get their message out to the general public in an unusually condensed time-frame.

But for all the clamor and clatter that we will surely be subjected to during the upcoming campaign, it will be difficult to escape the gnawing feeling that not very much will change the morning after the votes are counted.

After all, Netanyahu does not face any serious competition in the race for the premiership and is all but certain to return to the Prime Minister’s Office for a third term. And recent polls indicate that the parties comprising the current coalition will come back to parliament largely intact.

Indeed, much of the drama, however fleeting it might be, will take place largely among the irrelevant opposition, where Kadima is likely to splinter into pieces just as a meteor burns up when it returns to earth....

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