It is noon on Friday and I have scant time to post, and yet I must-- because I am enraged. Enraged because the world does not want the Jewish State to defend herself, all the saccharine declarations to the contrary. The world doesn't like Palestinian Arab dead and doesn't like strong moves by the IDF.

The issue must be clear: It is not just a question of Hamas and Islamic Jihad temporarily stopping rocket launchings because that's in their best interest at the moment. It's a question of weakening or destroying their capacity to hit us again when the mood strikes them.

Taking out their weapons -- pre-emption -- is defense.

Defense Minister Barak made that clear in his declaration of the goals of Operation Pillar of Defense.

I have sat here for years at my computer, detailing what is being brought into Gaza -- the weapons of growing sophistication. And all the time, horrified. Now with Ghaddafi's weapons available to terrorists, it's even worse -- and make no mistake about it, those weapons are being smuggled into Gaza.

The world has not been concerned about the implications of this stockpiling of weapons by a terrorist group that is sworn to Israel's destruction. It is content to look the other way and confer upon Hamas increased legitimacy. I have had no choice over the years but to conclude that Jewish life does not matter. It would be foolish to even imagine that the UN might have sessions in which the actionsof Hamas are discussed. It is too busy discussing that horrible danger, Israeli "settlements."...

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