Egyptian media instructed to promote acceptance of Jerusalem recognition

...In response to Trump’s move, Egypt publicly said the decision was?a violation of international resolutions on the city’s status. It also?reflected concern regarding the impact of the US move on the stability of the region and regarding its “extremely negative” impact on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

The Brookings Institution think tank’s Shibley Telhami said the Egyptian position on the US declaration was a “transformational” one.

“I don’t think it would have happened a decade ago, because Arab leaders would have made clear they wouldn’t live with it,” he said.

Israeli leaders have long said Jerusalem has been quietly cultivating its ties with Arab states, in the face of commons threats posed by Iran and Islamist extremism.

Meanwhile Jordan said Saturday during a meeting of the Arab League’s foreign ministers that?the forum “rejects US recognition.”

Jordan Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said, “We oppose any steps that will change the historical legal status of the city.” He added that “any decisions we make will be according to the Palestinian interest.”

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi speaks during a press conference in the capital Amman on July 25, 2017. (AFP/Khalil Mazraawi)

In his December 6 address from the White House,?Trump?defied worldwide warnings and insisted that after repeated failures to achieve peace, a new approach was long overdue, describing his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as merely based on reality.

Bitterly rejected by the Palestinian Authority, which is now boycotting the Trump administration, the move was hailed by Netanyahu and by leaders across much of the Israeli political spectrum.?Trump?stressed that he was not specifying the boundaries of Israeli sovereignty in the city, and called for no change in the status quo at the city’s holy sites.

An?Israeli report?Friday said the US, furious over the Palestinians’ reaction to Trump’s Jerusalem recognition, has frozen $125 million in aid to the UN’s Palestinian refugee agency.

For its part,?the US denied?the Channel 10 report, saying a decision on UNWRA funding was still “under review.”

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