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    Your continued dedication to AIPAC's work helps ensure Israel's security, strengthens the U.S.-Israel relationship, and shows your commitment to keeping both democracies strong. Continue to receive all of the benefits AIPAC membership provides. Renew Today »

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    Payment of your pledge will help ensure AIPAC has the resources to protect the U.S.-Israel relationship. The timely payment of your pledge to AIPAC helps America's pro-Israel lobby continue to effectively work with members of Congress, policymakers, media professionals and college activists. Pay Now »

  • Giving Appreciated Securities

    In order to provide as much flexibility as possible, AIPAC offers the ability to pay your yearly pledge with appreciated securities. You can also make and pay a new AIPAC pledge and receive potential tax benefits by doing so. These gifts of stock may allow you to gain certain tax advantages and maximize your support of AIPAC's important work. Learn more »

AIPAC is a 501(c)(4) organization.  Thus, donations to AIPAC are not tax deductible.

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