Christians can join in a better biblical future

Leading the largest independent Evangelical Christian Arab ministry in Israel and the Palestinian territories, I believe it is time to address the issue of where the indigenous Christian population needs to place itself in this moment of sacred history.

For over six decades, the Israeli- Palestinian conflict has overshadowed all other complexities of life in the Holy Land. As a born-again Christian who believes in the authority and infallibility of Scripture, the Bible is the compass I use to engage not only with my fellow Christians but also with my neighbors.

For nearly two millennia, Christian history and theology has looked at the Jewish people as a suffering minority bound by the wrath of God to anguish for rejecting Jesus. The tragedy of the Shoah has completely changed the Western Church’s view of the Jewish people, but the Church has not fully dealt with the political conundrum resulting from the birth of the modern Jewish state.

Nowadays, it is easier for Christians to condemn Antisemitism as a misunderstanding of Christian teaching than it is to come to terms with the valid existence of a Jewish people in Israel. In resisting acknowledgment of the transformation of Jews to victors, Christians may subconsciously maintain the traditional stereotype of Jews as a minority shunned by God....

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