A bequest costs nothing today, has meaning well beyond your lifetime, and has the power to secure Israel's future.

Making a bequest is as easy as deciding you want to participate and including the bequest language in your will that specifies AIPAC or its affiliated charitable organization.

How to Make Your Bequest

First, decide how much you want to give. Designate either a dollar amount or a percentage of your estate or a combination of the two.

Second, choose a beneficiary. The beneficiary may be AIPAC or AIPAC's affiliated charitable organization.

Third, be sure to add specific bequest language to your will. Provide this to your lawyer.

Legally, until your will includes the necessary legal language, it remains just a good thought or intention.

Benefits of a Bequest

There are many benefits of making your legacy gift with a bequest.

A bequest costs you nothing today. Leaving a bequest to AIPAC or its affiliated charitable organization can be as simple as adding a few lines to your will. A bequest allows you to perpetuate your annual gift to AIPAC, while demonstrating to your loved ones what was important to you during your lifetime. If the bequest is made charitably, it may reduce your taxable estate.

Learn more about how to make a bequest.

The AIPAC Tomorrow Campaign is a planned giving and endowment initiative of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC-Tax ID: 53-0217164) and its affiliated charitable organization, the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF- Tax ID 52-1623781).

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