Battle stations

Israel Air Force F-16 fighter planes. [Archive]
It is hard to overstate the severity of the Syrian threat, and the sharpness of the pounding headache created by it. Every possible scenario is dangerous, and any choice available to Israel goes from bad to worse.

Recent reports out of Syria indicate the immediacy of the issue. Tehran's threat that an attack on Syria would be interpreted as an attack on Iran intimates that the ayatollahs are afraid of something. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that "the Middle East does not stop while we form our government," while making a direct link between nuclear weapons in Iran and chemical weapons in Syria; Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made an explicit and unprecedented statement that "Assad's days in power are numbered."

If the Russians, who are among Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's closest allies, feel that the end is near, it would appear that Damascus is truly teetering....

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