AIPAC Tomorrow Challenge

Now is the time to secure Israel’s future well beyond your lifetime and ensure AIPAC’s work for generations. With so much at stake for America and for Israel, now is the time to take the AIPAC Tomorrow Challenge. Your will is even more powerful today as it will be worth DOUBLE to the organization.

The AIPAC Tomorrow Challenge is a matching gift program for all new commitments made to The AIPAC Tomorrow Campaign. A generous group of AIPAC donors have committed an additional $29,000,000 in order for you to match their commitment at any level.

This gift, which can cost you nothing today, will forever show future generations what was most important to you during your lifetime.

To date, $13,000,000* has already been matched. If you have been thinking about making your legacy commitment to AIPAC, or if you already have, now is the time to step forward. Leverage the power of the AIPAC Tomorrow Challenge and double the value of your commitment to secure Israel’s future.

Taking the Challenge is as simple as putting AIPAC in your will or trust. At no cost today, first determine the amount or percentage you want to give and then include the specific bequest language to leave a charitable or non-charitable gift. Click here to learn of the other giving opportunities that may work best for you to be included in the AIPAC Tomorrow Challenge.

Let us know if you have already included AIPAC in your estate plans, as it will be counted towards the Match, and so we can show you our appreciation and properly recognize you.


*As of September 2011

The AIPAC Tomorrow Campaign is a planned giving and endowment initiative of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC-Tax ID: 53-0217164) and its affiliated charitable organization, the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF- Tax ID 52-1623781).