Address by PM Netanyahu at the Swearing in Ceremony of the 19th Knesset

...Something happened in the Middle East. A lot of things happened in the Middle East. Only a strong Israel, a very strong Israel, can guarantee its security and that of its citizens. This is my primary responsibility as Prime Minister, and it will be the responsibility of all Israeli government ministers.

However, my friends, Knesset Members, this responsibility also lies with each and every one of you. Therefore, with your permission, I have two words of advice to give you. First, the advice of Hillel the Elder: "what is hateful to you do not do to your fellow man", because we are all human beings and we must treat each other with respect. I will tell you a secret – the Knesset discourse is heated, often too heated, but I know that at the end of the day, the public respects those who respect their fellowmen, and if we respect each other – not without disagreement – if we respect each other, the public will respect us and we will bring honor to the Knesset. My second advice is my great hope that in times of trial, we will succeed in putting our political differences aside and uniting for our supreme common goal and that is to guarantee the security and future of our State – the State of Israel.

My friends, we are facing times of trial. May we unite in confronting them. "Hashem will give strength to His people; Hashem will bless His people with peace".

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