A week to remember

What will be remembered from this week? Will it be the election of a new Israeli government? The inauguration of Barack Obama to a second term in the White House?

These events feel highly significant, but I would argue, that in the grand sweep of history, there is a third event with far greater importance. Governments come and go, but the fate of six million Jews who suffered and died under the Nazis from 1933-1945 will be remembered forever. In November 2005, the United Nations General Assembly issued a remarkable, unanimous resolution to mark January 27th as an annual International Holocaust Remembrance Day. One cannot but admire the current Deputy Secretary General of the UN, at the time Chairman of the UN General Assembly, Jan Eliasson, for having managed to get all of the UN member states to unite behind the resolution.

January 27th was the day when the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp was finally liberated by the Allied Forces, and the rebuilding of Europe and Israel, and, one could add, the international community, could begin. Europeans and Israelis should never forget how our past and our future is interconnected. The project to build a new Europe rests on the three ”never agains.”...

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