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Israel may follow US in freezing out UN rights body, to some diplomats’ dismay

Politicians have welcomed the US decision to quit the UN Human Rights Council, but even some critics of the body argue it would have been better to stay engaged and defend IsraelThe US name sign is photographed one day after the United States … [Read More...]

Siege of Syria’s eastern Ghouta ‘barbaric and medieval’, says UN Commission of Inquiry

The siege of eastern Ghouta in war-torn Syria, which lasted more than five years, has been labelled “barbaric and medieval” — “amounting” to war crimes, and crimes against humanity, a high-level UN inquiry said on Wednesday. … [Read More...]

‘No steps taken’ so far to end Israel’s illegal settlement activity on Palestinian land – UN envoy

A senior United Nations official on Tuesday urged Israel to reverse course over illegal settlement construction on occupied Palestinian land, and for both parties to return to the negotiating table in pursuit of a lasting peace deal. … [Read More...]

‘Worst devastation I have seen,’ says UN refugee envoy Angelina Jolie, as she visits West Mosul

After visiting the shattered streets of West Mosul over the weekend, the long-standing United Nations Refugee Agency envoy, Angelina Jolie, said that she had never seen such devastation, in her 17-years of working in the field. … [Read More...]

Eiffel Tower perimeter fence built to stop terrorism

The iconic tower will be surrounded by high walls and bulletproof glass?? (REUTERS) Paris is to unveil its newly built perimeter defences around the Eiffel Tower to protect against terror threats. Temporary barriers were placed around the tower in … [Read More...]

Soft Jihad in America

"False Identity" – the?second?and more explosive of two documentaries.?(first part here)?–?unmasks ‘soft Jihad’ in America. In it, Arabic-speaking Israeli Channel 10 journalist, Zvi Yehezkeli courageously concealed his … [Read More...]

PM: Busted Hamas cell shows Israel must control security west of Jordan

Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu praises security services in video clip, on June 17, 2018. (Screen capture: YouTube) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday praised security forces for uncovering a large and highly active Hamas terror cell … [Read More...]

PA’s worship of Martyrs’ blood and promotion of Martyrdom continue – now on game show

"A thousand blessings to the souls of our heroic Martyrs who water the land of Palestine with their blood every day" - PA TV game show hostIn a game show to entertain Palestinians during Ramadan, the Palestinian Authority TV host glorified the … [Read More...]

3 Gulf Arab states pledge $2.5B to Jordan after protests

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Three Gulf Arab states pledged $2.5 billion in aid to Jordan on Monday in an effort to stabilize the U.S.-allied kingdom as it faces its worst protests in years over government austerity plans that include tax … [Read More...]

IDF intel chief: Iran determined to maintain strike capability from Syria

Israeli officials have repeatedly voiced concerns over the growing Iranian presence on its borders. Despite Israeli efforts, Iran is continuing to try to improve its ability to launch rockets from Syria, IDF Intelligence Directorate head Maj.-Gen. … [Read More...]

Israel’s drought combat plan getting underway

..."A rare streak of five years of exceptional drought that occurs only once in 50 years has confronted the Israeli economy with a need for urgent revision of the water production program and the development program derived from it. This situation is … [Read More...]

Iran is worried, disappointed and afraid

The Islamist regime in Iran is very worried over the speed in which U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un reached their agreement. They know the nuclear talks in Singapore will have immense ramifications for the future of … [Read More...]

UN rushes to deliver aid as key Yemeni port city is ‘shelled and bombarded’

As the Yemeni port city of Hodeida continues to come under attack from Saudi-led coalition forces on Thursday, seeking to drive out Houthi rebels who control the city, the United Nations and humanitarian partners are rushing to provide life-saving … [Read More...]

LETTER FROM AFGHANISTAN: Elections serve up food for thought, for Afghan youth

By Philip Smucker   At the newly-established “50/50” fast food restaurant on the tree-lined streets of Herat, in the west of Afghanistan, business is brisk as deliveries are whisked away, on the back of motorbikes to hungry customers across the … [Read More...]

UN General Assembly condemns Israel for ‘excessive’ force at Gaza border

After US amendment censuring Hamas is rejected on procedural grounds, 120 countries vote in favor of resolution calling for 'protection' for Palestinian civiliansPalestinian Ambassador to the United Nations Riyad Mansour (white hair) passes by US … [Read More...]

Toronto: Muslim cleric says “Zionist empire, American empire will be down in the dustbins of history inshallah”

Do Justin Trudeau and Melanie Joly think that although he rails at Zionists and America, Shafiq Hudda is a loyal citizen of the Canadian state, and teaches his followers to be also? They may be in for a surprise. “Toronto Quds Day Rally – … [Read More...]

After summit, South Korea is considering easing military pressure on Pyongyang

Washington stressed that sanctions would only be lifted after a complete denuclearization, contradicting reports on North Korea's state-run media.Trump and Kim's handshake Photo credit: Dan Scavino Jr., Wikimedia Commons South Korean President Moon … [Read More...]

Israeli Diplomat: US-North Korea Agreement Puts Pressure on Iran

...Israel and its main Western ally, the United States, accuse Iran of seeking to become nuclear-armed, a prospect that Israel sees as an existential threat because of repeated calls by Iran’s Islamist rulers for the destruction of the Jewish … [Read More...]

The “Trump Doctrine” for the Middle East

...The Trump administration undoubtedly realizes that the Iranian regime will not accept the requirements presented by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and that the harsh new sanctions might lead to new major uprisings in Iran, and the fall of the … [Read More...]

General Assembly adopts text urging greater protection for Palestinians, and deploring Israel’s ‘excessive’ use of force

In an emergency meeting on Wednesday, the United Nations General Assembly adopted an Arab-sponsored resolution calling for greater protection for Palestinians, and deploring any use of “excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate” force by the … [Read More...]